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Agista Active Applications

Specific application recommendation
CropApplication timing
Tomato, Pepper, Eggplant, Squash1 application before first bloom
repeat 2-3 times at 10-15 days intervals
foliar or soil application
yield increase
CucumberMake 3 soil applications at 10-15 days
intervals from 2-4 leaves and latter
soil application
up to 30% yield increase
Watermelon, Melon2 applications at a 15 days interval when
plants have developed 4-5 leaves
make one spray when fruit is 3-4 cm long
repeat 10-15 days latter

soil application
vigorous plants- faster bloom &
foliar spray
fruit size increase

Carrot, Beet2-3 applications at 10 days after seedling
2 times when the root starts to grow in
size, at a 15 days interval
foliar or soil application
soil application
root size increase
Potato2-3 applications when potatoes formation
starts, at a 10-15 days interval
foliar or soil application
potato size increase
Sugar beetApply when 10 leaves have developed
repeat twice at 10 days intervals
foliar or soil application root weight
and sugar content 
Cotton3 sprays, 1st at 6-8 leaves,
2nd at flowering and
3rd when the first capsules appear
foliar spray
vigorous plants more
Grapes1st spray 4-6 days prebloom
2nd spray after fruit set when berry is 2-4 mm
3 spray 10 days after the 2nd
4 spray 10 days after the previous
1st cluster weight increase
relieves plants from stress
caused from heavy set
Citrus trees1 spray prebloom if needed
1-2 sprays at small fruits
at a 10-15 days interval
fruit set improving if needed
Fruit trees2-3 sprays shortly after fruit thinningfoliar spray
fruit yield increase
Olive treesmake a spray in July for fruit enlargement
make a spray when fruits start to change color
foliar spray
enhances color appearance
early harvest