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Agramine Applications

Specific dosages
Stage of application
ApplesBefore flowering
Upon the completion of flowering
After 15 days
After harvest
Pending frost
Immediately after the frost
Best fruit formation,
Formation of buds & tissues
Increases the uptake of nutrients
Reduces distortion
Increased frost resistance
Reduces damage from frost
Stone fruitsBefore flowering
After fruit setting
At the change of color
After harvest
Improves resistance to frost
Reduces tears on fruit
Increases fruit size
Increases next year production
GrapesDevelopment of the foliage
Start of flowering
Grape formation
Increases frost resistance
Better exploiting of the foliage
Better production
VegetableApplications with 0.3% solution when the
plants are approximately 30cm.
Repeat every 10-14 days
Better plant growth, increased tolerance to
adverse conditions (frost, drought, etc.),
increased intake of nutrients
Strawberries(in applications on the plant lines dosages
reduced accordingly)
8-14 days before flowering
Start of flowering
After flowering
After harvest
More active plants, increased flowering, fruit
formation improved, more double nuts
Helps form rhizomes