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Biomega Fe EDDHA

Iron deficiency is a condition often found in various cultivations.

The most common application agronomists choose is iron chelated 6% EDDHA, 4,8% ortho-ortho.
While this is a very common application, there are two key questions that few know how to answer:
What is EDDHA?
What does 4,8% ortho-ortho mean?


EDDHA is an organic chelating agent, which comprises from:

  • Two phenolic rings
  • Two amino groups
  • Two carboxyl groups

EDDHA Organic Agent

EDDHA Advantages

The chelating agent EDDHA has in comparison with other chelating agents the following advantages:

  • Better stabilization of the Iron
  • Excellent iron availability and interchangeability
  • Easier transport within the plant
  • Better function in alkaline soils

EDDHA ortho-orho & ortho-para

The two types of EDDHA iron differ in the layout of the two phenolic rings

Ortho OrthoOrtho Para

In ortho-ortho iron, the chelating agend “binds” iron in a more stable way, since it does not allow water to polarize and thus destabilize the particle.

Ortho Ortho IronOrtho Para Iron


Biomega’s MicroFert, iron chelated EDDHA 6%, guaranteed 4,8% ortho – ortho offers a high quality solution against iron deficiencies in every cultivation