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Kristona Ca-Mg Applications

Application & dosages
Tomato-Pepper1st application: 200-250 cc/100 lt of water before the
blossoming of the first cross
Following applications: Repeat every 20 days with the same
dosage in order to prevent the the blossom end rot abnormality
Fertigation: 1-2 lt/1000 m2 during the same periods as
mentioned above
Watermelon-Melon1st application: 200-300 cc/100 lt of water during vegetative
growth and before the first fruitsetting
Fertigation: 1-3 lt /1000 m2. Repeat every 15-20 days
Apples1st application: 200-300 cc/100 lt of water at the stage where
rapid growth occurs
Following applications: 3-5 applications with the same dosage,
aiming for the prevention of bitter pit
CherriesFoliar application: 150-250 cc/ 100 lt of water at colouring in
order to prevent fruit cracking