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Oryx L

ORYX-L Liquid Humic Acid 14% min.

Biomega has the infrastructure to produce concentrations from 12% to 14%

General information:

ORYX-L is a liquid solution containing Humic and Fulvic Acids, of natural origin (Leonardite), in active form. The content of humic substances is the major indicator of soil fertility. They increase the effectiveness of mineral fertilization, ensuring that nutrients are better used. They increase the permeability of membranes and positively influence plants metabolism, photosynthesis, and respiration, synthesis of proteins and activity of ferments. The higher content of humic substances improves the structure and organic content of the soil, reduces the amount of nutrients that is washed out of the soil, and increases the soil ability to retain water.

This results in:

  • Acceleration of ripening process by around 8-10 days
  • Development of strong and healthy root system
  • Increasing of trace element and nutrient up-take and assimilation
  • Improving of fruit quality, increasing the content of vitamins, proteins, sugar etc.
  • Increase of yields. The rate of increase is higher on weak and sandy soils.
  • Improvement of the quality of the spraying and irrigation water, affecting its properties and results
  • Increases the resistance of the plants to STRESS from drought, frost, transplanting etc.


Humic substance

total Humic/Fulvic acids ............... 14.0 % w/v min.

K2O ..................................................... 2.0-3.0 %

ORYX -L has very good results even under very high or low pH values.ts application is not depended on soil pH. Can be stored without problems between 0 and 35Oc

Application instructions:

ORYX-L can be applied on any crop, by foliar or root applications.


ORYX -L is not toxic and can be combined with any fertilizer or pesticide apart from the oily ones.