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Dilos K Applications

Application & dosages
Stone fruits
Apples (red varieties)
(3-4 applications overall at15-20 days intervals)
1st application: 200-300 cc/100 lt of water after the fruits
have obtained their half size and continue until harvesting
Vines2-3 applications from coloration and then 200-300 cc/100 lt
of water starting 10 days before berries change color. Repeat
15 days later. Make a 3rd application before harvesting.
VegetablesFoliar application: 200-300 cc/100 lt of water starting on the
formation of the first fruits. Repeat 4-5 times at 15-
Fertigation: 1-2 lt/1000 m2 20 days intervals
Melon-WatermelonTo improve taste and increase sugar content, spry with 200-
400 cc/100 lt of water when the fruits take half their size,
depending on the characteristics of each variety and repeat
3-4 times at regular intervals during the growing season.
Fertigation: 2-3 kg/1000 m2
Potatoes1st application: 300-400 cc/100 lt of water during nodules
formation or
2-3 lt/1000 m2 through the irrigation system.
Repeat application 10 days later, at the same dosage as
StrawberriesFoliar application: 200-300 cc/100 lt of water at the start of
Fertigation: 1-2 lt /1000 m2
Kiwi fruitMake 4-5 sprays after fruit set at regular intervals.
BananaMake one spray / month starting from the 12th week after
TobaccoMake 4-5 sprays at 15-20 days intervals, from June and all
summer (during the period of leaf ripening).